High Speed Doors

Identimatic High Speed Doors offer an ideal solution to industrial problems that require continuous and fast access in and out of plant areas. In addition to providing extremely fast and touch less access, they are suitable for harsh weather conditions and minimise time and airflow, reduce noise pollution, and assist in maintaining a hygienic environment.

Designed and customised keeping in mind the wind resistance requirements, they are available in a range of housing structures including galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Identimatic offers a wide range of high speed doors in the following categories: Roll-up Doors, Fold-up Doors, Anti-crash Self-Repairable Doors, and doors for special applications including food, pharmaceutical, conveyor, cold storages, etc.

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Roll up Door (Identimatic Supreme Rapid)

Identimatic Supreme Rapid High Speed Roll-up doors are designed for busy traffic
flow areas with high duty cycles. Engineered to optimise running costs and
increase efficiency through its modular construction, these doors are well
suited for internal and external applications. Ideal for preventing
contamination across areas and enabling energy conservation, their
robust design conforms to requirements of EN 13241-1.

Rapid Roll-up High Speed Roll-up doors contribute to and conserve energy in two critical ways: the unique push pull design provides the shortest opening time in the industry and fast cycle times significantly reduces transfer of conditioned air. With an additional unique feature of patented re-insertion system, when dislodged, the curtain automatically returns into its side guides, without the need of intervention. This way, you can avoid costly downtime & time-consuming technical interventions.

Fold up Door (Identimatic Supreme Plus)

Identimatic Supreme Plus high speed fold-up doors are designed for large exterior
openings that require high duty cycle with heavy traffic flow. Engineered
with highly durable lifting belts and GI tubes to resist extreme wind
pressures, these doors enable high duty cycles even in adverse conditions
and conform to safety requirements of European Directive EN 13241-1.
For more information about features and specifications, download the catalogue or get it touch with our team of experts.

Anti Crash Repairable Door (Identimatic Rapid Roll-up Self-Repairable)

A unique high speed door, is built with self-repairable technology. In an incident where the door curtain is impacted, the curtain automatically moves out of the way to avoid damage to the goods. Identimatic manufactures high quality self-repairable doors with prime reset technology.

For more information about features and specifications, download the catalogue or get it touch with our team of experts.